Marketing Promo Ideas for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. For business owners like you, this special and major U.S. holiday is the perfect chance to thank your loyal customers as well as boost your sales. If you’re still trying to come up with marketing promo ideas, now’s the best time to gear up and execute.

According to statistics, Thanksgiving and Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) are considered the busiest shopping days of the year. Make the most of these days to grow your brand. Here are awesome marketing promo ideas that you can include in your marketing plan:

Week-long Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It’s a great idea to make that whole week ‘Thanksgiving week.’ Publish blog posts and schedule social media posts related to the holiday and about your promos and special offers during that week.

Giveaway for Customers

What better way to thank and entice your customers than to give them free gifts! Your existing customers would love to get incentives or special giveaways from you. You can also offer a holiday gift guide or a free sample of your product as a way to attract new and prospective customers and thank them for sharing their contact information.

Entertaining Contests

Make your Thanksgiving marketing promo fun and valuable by hosting contests. Utilize the power of social media to create entertaining quizzes and sweepstakes related to this holiday. Reward your followers with a prize that will motivate them to continue connecting with you and participating in your other holiday marketing promos.

Secret Sale

If your goal is to increase customer retention, Thanksgiving is an excellent time to show your loyal customers that you value them. You can offer a special coupon to only a limited number of customers. Promote this secret offer through email or on social media by directly messaging only your local customers. This strategy will help you get more repeat business.

Gift Cards or Certificates

As part of the holiday gift-giving season, why not create gift cards or gift certificates and launch them this Thanksgiving Day? These make simple yet thoughtful gifts. Furthermore, they make shopping easier for your customers.  The more you’re able to provide a positive shopping experience, the more customers and sales you will gain.

Eye-Catching Visual Content

Visual content is appealing. Thus, it is smart to use visuals in your marketing plan. For your Thanksgiving promo, you can create and post funny, holiday-related memes in your social media accounts and feature engaging infographics on your blog. It’s also a brilliant idea to create marketing videos featuring your special product or service promos, as well as your employees with their holiday greetings.

Community Giving / Charity Donation

Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving by giving back to the community through a fund or volunteer drive or a promo, wherein a portion of your sales goes to charity. This is a good opportunity to let the industry, consumers, and other businesses know that your brand promotes help, kindness, and gratitude. You can offer rewards, bonuses, or discounts to your customers for their purchase in line with your community thanksgiving promo.

Maximize your business’ overall holiday marketing plan and stand out from the competition by giving and showing gratitude this Thanksgiving! Seize this opportunity to express how much you value your customers and reap the benefits of having a loyal client base.

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