Sales Secrets from Top Salespeople Around the World

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Sales has long existed as part of the economy of countries around the world. From ancient merchants who sold and traded their goods to today’s diverse businesses and growing marketplace, sales or selling exists everywhere! Over time, there are individuals who are recognized for their sales practices. They have not only mastered the tricks of the trade, but they have sales secrets that everyone in the industry should keep tabs on.

Working in sales may be tough but every salesperson has the chance to succeed. Take inspiration from the top salespeople who have made their mark in the industry. Here are the key secrets to their success that you can emulate.

Never Stop Learning

The most successful salespeople have the unquenchable thirst for learning. Like them, it’s best if you’re committed to learning every day. Invest your time and other resources in broadening your knowledge about sales. Read books, listen to audio programs, and attend seminars and workshops.

Famous author, political theorist, and Founding Founder of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, is also regarded as a salesman extraordinaire. More than the so-called Ben Franklin Close technique, his investment in knowledge is a top-notch sales secret that today’s salespeople must follow.

Use Time Well

Time is of utmost importance for top salespeople. They make sure they use their time well. Although it’s good if they keep their sales funnel full, they know which opportunities to pick and prioritize and strategies to use and spend their precious time on.

For Joe Girard, it’s important to spend time with clients to get to know them better. He also makes the most of his time by taking clients by appointment only. From being a shoeshine boy and newsboy to becoming a successful car salesman, he is now known as one of the world’s greatest retail salesmen and a top motivational speaker.

Build and Maintain Human Connection

In an increasingly competitive sales world, great salespeople give more importance to building and maintaining human connection. They put themselves in the shoes of their clients or customers. They are not too focused on their brands and won’t force its benefits to their prospects. For them, seamless customer experience is essential.

This is one of the sales secrets of Alfred Fuller, also known as the “Fuller Brush Man.” He became a great salesman because he connected with his customers and asked them what they like in a household brush. It’s best if you also determine your customers’ needs and ask them for feedback about your products.

Stay Motivated and Balanced

Despite crazy work hours, long sales processes, and rejections, a successful salesperson will keep going and stay balanced and strongly motivated. They know how to manage their emotions, whether or not they close deals or they’re on top of the leaderboard. They will not simply give up and will continue to work hard to succeed.

World-renowned author and motivational speaker, Barry Maher, failed in his advertising products business but he stayed motivated and committed. He, later on, worked at GTE and eventually became a top salesman.

Expand Your Network

In sales, you can never have enough leads. Although quality is better than quantity, it still pays to expand your network and have more connections or contacts. Top salespeople would agree!

Iconic businesswoman, Mary Kay Ash, is one of the best examples of a salesperson whose sales tactic has been proven to be effective in expanding networks. She developed a multi-level corporate sales business structure and is the founder of the highly-successful Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

We’ve just unlocked some of the secrets of the most popular and successful salespeople around the world. You, too, can become a top-performing salesperson. Use these secrets on your journey to sales success!

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