Infographic: Sales Pitfalls

Happy Infographic Friday! This week, we highlighted the sales pitfalls B2B and B2C companies should avoid to stay competitive and to boost their sales and profits.

Whether you own and run a B2B or a B2C, it’s essential for you to have a solid sales plan and process. But aside from the strategies and tools that can help you and your sales team succeed, you should also be aware of the common sales mistakes businesses make and the ways to avoid them.

In our blog, 5 Sales Mistakes B2Bs Should Avoid, we learned that you should not escape face-to-face conversations, focus more on your product features instead of on your clients’ needs, and utilize only one sales platform. Next, we discovered in 5 Sales Mistakes B2Cs Should Stop Doing that not doing market research, sounding too “salesy,” and failing to follow up are grave sales mistakes. Stop doing them to achieve your sales goals!

To summarize our blogs this week, check out this infographic:

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