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It is every B2B brand’s goal to have a high-converting sales funnel. Each step of the process could be challenging, especially the bottom line, which is making a sale. According to statistics, most salespeople think that closing deals is the second most difficult part of the sales process. This means you need to develop an effective sales campaign to turn leads into customers and eventually, increase your sales and revenue.

A lot of B2Bs today have launched sales campaigns by optimizing multiple channels and strategies. You can pull off a successful sales campaign that can drive business growth, too! Take inspiration from these B2B brands:

ConversionXL’s Live Event Email

Email is considered the top channel for generating leads, sales, and profits, and ConversionXL would agree. In an effort to sell tickets for the ConversionXL Live conference in 2016, founder Peep Laja sent an enticing email to his subscribers. The campaign was a success as 80% of the event’s ticket sales were from the email list!

PostcardMania’s Free Postcards

PostcardMania’s free postcards sales promo is proof that they are marketing experts. The campaign is simple, straightforward, and catchy that website visitors won’t be able to miss and resist it! It is closely tied to the company’s Everywhere Small Business campaign, which maximizes the best digital marketing platforms to help other businesses boost leads, sales, and revenue. PostcardMania now has more than 80,000 customers worldwide, thanks to this successful campaign.

Sampler Boxes from Snack Nation

Snack Nation is truly committed to promoting healthy and happy offices and homes. This award-winning healthy snack delivery and subscription service launched a campaign offering free sampler boxes to subscribers. As a result, the company received 1,200 new subscribers and gained additional 15 to 20 daily sales.

ConversionCast Podcast by LeadPages

For LeadPages, competing with industry giants is no easy feat. To increase their customer base and sales, this landing page builder and lead generation software company offered free content to prospects. Their ConversionCast Podcast not only became a highly-popular campaign. Together with an engaging marketing blog and weekly webinars, the company gained 35,000 new customers in three years and has already reached the $16 million revenue mark.

Bosch Power Tools’ #BuildWithBosch Videos

To reach out to customers – especially traditional tradesmen and new technology skeptics – and increase sales, Bosch Power Tools launched a campaign that leveraged social media marketing and micro-influencer tactic. The brand encouraged volunteers to test their products and create video reviews. The videos were published on different social media networks with the hashtag, #BuiltWithBosch. Not only did this campaign helped boost Bosch’s reach and engagement. It also increased the company’s conversion rate!

These are only some of the successful sales campaigns from B2Bs that can help fuel your creativity. It’s time to rev up your sales plan. Use one or more of these campaigns to make an impact in the industry and increase your B2B sales success!

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