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It’s the beginning of the work week! Before we kick off our new blog series, let’s take a quick look at the best Pepper blogs of 2016! These posts have received the highest engagement and impressions among all the blogs we’ve posted.

10 Best Productivity Apps You Should Be Using Now

This blog covers the latest apps that will help jumpstart your productivity. From Slack to Asana, these apps make work easier, faster, and more fun to do!

Social Media Updates You May Not Know About: Facebook and Twitter

It’s not enough to use social media. You have to maximize its features, too! This blog gives a rundown of the latest updates on the top two social media giants.

Video Marketing Basics: A Look into Instagram and Facebook

There is no doubt that the “video first” movement is taking social media by storm. If you haven’t leveraged video marketing yet, this post is a good place to start!

10 Best Cloud-Based Apps for Small Businesses

Running your small business can now be done anytime, anywhere. With these cloud-based apps, you can still be on top of things even if you’re halfway across the globe!

Best Facebook Campaigns of 2016

Need inspiration for your Facebook campaigns this 2017? Take a look at some of the best ones from last year and see what made them stand out from the rest!

10 Best Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile marketing is one of the most effective platforms used by brands today. Get some ideas from the best mobile marketing campaigns in this post!

Best Instagram Campaigns of 2016

Instagram isn’t limited to food and travel posts. It’s a visual haven for brands and customers. Be inspired by our roundup of the best Instagram campaigns last year.

Snapchat 101: Everything You Need to Know About the App

The biggest social media player in 2016 was Snapchat. From celebrities to influencers, users snap about anything. If you haven’t included Snapchat in your marketing plan, this blog is for you!

The State of Mobile Marketing

Everything you need to know about mobile marketing begins here. Remember that you’re talking to a mobile-first generation and what better way to reach them than using their default platform!

YouTube Marketing 101

With video marketing getting bigger every year, it comes as no surprise that YouTube marketing follows suit. If you haven’t incorporated this into your marketing efforts then get started with this post!

Thank you for reading our blog! Rest assure that we’ll continue to create valuable content that will help your personal productivity and marketing efforts. Cheers to another year of great content for 2017!

Pepper Virtual Assistants is a business solutions firm that specializes in virtual administrative and personal assistance, online marketing, customer support, and copywriting. We are known for reliability through our managed services, responsive client handling backed by extensive training, and rockstar virtual assistants hired for their skills and expertise.



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