3 Simple Ways You Can Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation

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In order to stay relevant and competitive, businesses need to evolve. Digital transformation is one of the most significant points of business evolution today. This process can greatly benefit your business, particularly in improving customer experience, streamlining your workflow, and boosting your profits.

According to statistics, most company executives believe that they only have one or two years to integrate digital initiatives into their business model or they’ll fail or get left behind by their competition. Regardless of the size of your business and the industry you’re in, it is best if you start innovating and going digital now.

These three simple ways can help you jumpstart your digital transformation:

1. Understand and Embrace the Process

Taking ownership of the process is the first key step to kickstart your organization’s digital transformation. Completely understand and embrace this concept to fully benefit from it. Discover the strategies of your competitors. Take inspiration from industry experts and other businesses that are already successful at digital transformation.

Taking ownership could mean investing not only money but also time and intellectual and physical effort. Failures or mistakes are inevitable, but you can use them to learn and improve on your company’s digital transformation program or plan.

2. Tap into Digital Experts

Drive digital change by tapping into digital experts. There are probably digital achievers who are already part of your organization, particularly in the IT department. Tech-savvy staff from other departments might also be open to taking in new roles and contribute to your new plan. Get them together and form a team to initiate and implement the plan.

Moreover, you can also outsource in case you have limited resources. Hire other technology experts or digital leaders, such as software developers and data analysts if necessary. These people can help you accelerate digital transformation.

3. Choose Technology Wisely

As a business, which has yet to integrate digital tools and strategies in its operations, you have to carefully and wisely choose which technologies are right for you. Plan and set your priorities. There are tons of platforms that you can take advantage of, but it’s best if you optimize the basics first.

IDG’s 2018 State of Digital Business Transformation study revealed that mobile technologies (59%), big data/analytics (58%), and private cloud (53%) are the top three technologies most companies have already implemented. You can also start with these platforms and then slowly add more channels and implement new tools.

Nowadays, digital transformation is regarded as an essential process and strategy businesses need to implement to survive and thrive. Consider the tips mentioned as you start your company’s digital transformation. Not only will you be able to compete. You will also boost your chances of success.

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