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It is essential for business-to-business or B2B companies to constantly implement revolutionary and cost-effective plans to succeed in the cutthroat business world. As a B2B marketer or business owner, you probably have tried (and hopefully gained good results from) social media, content, email, and other top and widely-used online marketing strategies. But online marketing is rapidly changing, and you would want to have a competitive edge, don’t you?

To continue to be a key player in the B2B markets, it’s probably best if you try something new and different. Let’s take a look at these new online marketing strategies that you might want to employ this year:

Video Content

YouTube and various newer apps like Snapchat and Instagram Stories have certainly made video content popular. Videos are, in fact, considered a very powerful tool for e-learning and 65% of the population claim to be visual learners. This makes video content and ads an excellent strategy to develop. They generate more shares than text and image content combined.

You can use videos on social media, website, and email to increase audience engagement. Maximize video ads, too, for SEO and to increase your search engine rankings.

Engaging Website with Effective SEO

In this age of digital marketing, having a website is vital for any B2B company. Not only should your website have an attractive and modern design and clean layout, it should also have engaging and informative content. It’s also best if it is responsive and is mobile and user-friendly.

Optimize your site for the search engines so people will find you. For it to be effective, pay attention to on-site SEO or having relevant keyword phrases on your page, as well as off-site SEO or external signals or links from other sources to your website.

Influencer/Advocate Marketing

Influencer or advocate marketing is a growing trend in online marketing. Networking or working with celebrities, experts, and other popular figures will help your brand increase visibility and engagement. More people will trust your brand if they know that somebody they trust and look up to works with you and has a positive feedback about your product or service.

This strategy exists together with social media and content marketing. For the past year, Instagram was the top social media network that influencers focused on.

Artificial Intelligence

The birth and continuous growth of artificial intelligence (AI) have a huge impact on businesses of all industries. It can now be considered as a promising online marketing tool or strategy for B2Bs.

Digital assistants that can do voice search among other tasks, as well as chatbots installed on social media channels and websites are becoming quite popular. In fact, a survey revealed that 60% of respondents have used Amazon Alexa and chatbots to interact with a company. AI systems like these can help you acquire more customers and serve them better.


Podcasting is also gaining more popularity and traction these days. Podcasts on Apple alone have reached 50 billion episode download and streams as of March 2018. You can create a series of episodes to educate and entertain listeners. Because podcast listening can be done anytime and anywhere (usually at home), it is definitely an excellent strategy to promote your brand and connect with your existing and potential partners or customers.

Online marketing is a powerful platform for B2B companies in this digital era. Consider adding these new tools to your online marketing arsenal. Take advantage of multiple strategies to multiply your chances of success.

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