3 Ways Mobile Marketers Can Leverage the Wearables Market

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Mobile is increasingly becoming an essential marketing tool for today’s businesses. As a marketer or business owner, wearables are a top mobile technology and marketing trend that you should pay attention to. From Google Glass to fitness bands and smart watches like Apple Watch, these mobile devices are designed to complement smartphones and tablets. Like them, you can also use wearables to reach out to your target audience and achieve your business goals.

Considering the forecasted 15% annual growth of global wearables market, this revolutionary technology can be instrumental to the success of your mobile marketing strategy. Take note of these top three ways you can leverage the wearables market.

1. Integrate with Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing is an effective strategy that helps increase your visibility and allows you to connect with your target audience in real-time and regardless of location. By integrating wearables in your location-based marketing plan, you’ll have another innovative way of getting your current and potential customers’ historical data and real-time location.

For example, an ideal customer or client is visiting your city for a business trip and there happens to be a travel fair your company is a part of. Through his smartwatch, he’ll be informed about the fair and your promos and deals. With the combined powers of location-based marketing and a wearable device, you can gain customers and increase your sales!

2. Deliver Non-Intrusive Messages and Ads

Consumers can easily get overwhelmed by the tremendous number of messages and ads they receive in their mobile devices. Wearables, which have small screens, can limit or filter out intrusive and irrelevant content. Statistics show that 91% of mobile users plan to make a purchase after seeing a relevant ad. This is why if you take advantage of the wearables market, you can promote your products or services by delivering non-intrusive, less spammy, and more contextual messages and ads to your target audience. This could lead to higher conversion rates for you!

If, for example, you own a real estate company and you’re looking for new ways to reach your target market. You can use a Google Glass app that gives your audience access to property listings and notifies them when they are near a property that fits their standards.

3. Offer Perks to Boost Customer Loyalty

Including wearables in your mobile marketing plan also helps increase customer loyalty. If you can push notifications and ads at the right time and provide your target market with relevant messages, you are already delivering good service. But if you can add value to your customers’ journey, then it’s much better. You can achieve this with the help of wearables!

For instance, your company sells organic food products and you partner with a company that offers wearable fitness devices. When an existing client downloads your recipe book, he also gets a complimentary fitness tracker. Because almost 80% of consumers want free products, value added products like this can entice customers and make them loyal to a business.

Wearables are changing the face of the mobile marketing industry. Follow the tips we mentioned so you can make the most of what the wearables market has to offer. See how these mobile devices can reshape the future of your business!

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