How to Effectively Use Location-Based Marketing

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Location is one of the most important factors businesses should pay attention to in order to reach their target audience. Whether you promote your brand online or offline, it’s best that you use location-based marketing. Also known as geomarketing, this concept helps you plan and implement your marketing strategies based on your ideal customers’ location.

Despite the changes in the online marketing landscape following the GDPR implementation, you can still encourage your target market to share their location. Take advantage of the constant growth of mobile phone usage among consumers! With a strong location-based marketing plan, you can connect with your target market and promote your brand effectively. Here are some of the ways you can achieve this:

Improve Local SEO

According to research, almost 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location. To make location-based marketing work for your brand, you need to invest in improving your local SEO. You can accomplish this by optimizing your Google My Business Listing and publishing location-specific content on your website. With this strategy, you can boost your organic traffic, attract more customers, and gain positive results.

Maximize Geotargeting

It’s important to ensure that you’re delivering your content and ads to relevant audiences. This is why it pays to maximize your geotargeting efforts! Leverage historical and location-specific data and the segmentation options for your pay-per-click advertising campaigns to get quality clicks and leads.

Try Geofencing and Location-based Apps

You can also take advantage of geofencing and location-based apps to increase your visibility and get the most out of location-based marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Foursquare are just a few of the services or channels that provide this type of targeting. You can use them to promote your ads, content, and location in real time and boost your engagement.

Use Location Tags

Tap into the power of social media to use location-based marketing effectively! Use location tags when you post content on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. This will help you generate more organic impressions and engagement when users search for content based on location.

Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

Your website is a powerful tool that showcases your brand identity and establishes your credibility online. To reap the benefits of location-based marketing, you need to build an attractive and responsive website. Make sure that it has mobile-friendly design and functions. This way, your target market can still get relevant information about your business and get in touch with you even on the go.

Location-based marketing works to help you stay visible and connected to your target market regardless of location. Maximize this strategy to amp up your overall marketing plan and achieve the best results.

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