Why You Should Take Advantage of Google’s Favicon Feature

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Optimizing your brand for Google is an important step that you need to take in order stay visible, relevant, and competitive online. It’ll be beneficial for your business to comply with the algorithm and feature updates this top search engine rolls out. One of the upcoming updates to take note of is the addition of favicon to mobile search results.

Favicon, which is short for favorite icon, was originally released by Microsoft alongside Internet Explorer 5 in 1999. This small icon contains the logo, first letter, or image that represents a business. Also known as shortcut, website, or bookmark icon, a favicon is associated to your URL and is placed next to your website title.

Google’s new mobile search results display including favicons could help you maximize your mobile marketing plan and grow your business. Here are top four reasons why you should take advantage of this feature:

1. Boost Brand Recognition

Statistics reveal that more consumers nowadays use a mobile device to search for a local business or product. With tons of organic search results generating per search, a favicon can help boost brand awareness and recognition. Using favicon can make your brand stand from the crowd. Your current customers will immediately recognize your brand through your favicon. With an attractive brand logo as your favicon, you can also get the attention of new customers and generate more clicks and traffic.

2. Increase Credibility

The credibility of a business is crucial for consumers. Aside from having a professional and secure website, you can also increase your credibility and gain your target market’s trust by having a favicon. Without this feature, a web or mobile browser will only display a blank document next to your business name on a browser tab or a search result on a search page.

3. Improve SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary process and strategy if you want to get more visitors and traffic. A favicon is a vital element that makes your website more usable. It increases your website’s chance of getting bookmarked on a browser and helps improve your SEO rankings. To support the SEO services you get for your business, it’s also a good idea to take advantage of the favicon feature so that the search engines will love you more!

4. Better User Experience

According to research, 52% of users with a bad mobile experience won’t engage with a company. You can provide your customers with good mobile experience and boost your customer engagement by having a favicon. Not only can this small image be a treat for visual-loving consumers. It can also improve their search experience as it will be easier for them to identify the sources of the content and click on the ads they’re looking for. A favicon will make your brand stand out, so they’ll be able to find relevant information from you quickly.

Make your business more visible when consumers search via mobile with the help of a favicon. Consider the benefits we mentioned and take your mobile marketing to the next level!

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