Technological advancements continue to influence the marketing/advertising strategies of today’s businesses. And one of those strategies that entrepreneurs like you can use to promote and grow your business is called cross-channel marketing. This strategy means leveraging multiple channels – website, mobile, email, social media, television, retail store, and others – for your advertising campaigns. With informative and engaging cross-channel ads, you will be able to reach out to and attract a larger customer base no matter what device or platform they use.

As a business owner, you certainly want to boost your brand’s growth rate. The good news is, you are not limited to using just one channel to achieve that. You are at liberty to use cross-channel marketing and create cross-channel ads to achieve your goals. Here are the advantages of using this ad type and strategy for your business.

Understand Consumers’ Behavior Better

Different customers prefer to use different channels. Through cross-channel ads or marketing, you will be able to know your customers’ behavior in each channel. This way, you can create more personalized interactions to improve your relations with them.

If, for example, you’ve found out that a lot of customers tend to abandon their shopping carts in your website, you can perhaps use cross-channel ads that encourage them to complete the checkout process through your mobile app. Similarly, you can offer a catalog, which your customers can view and get via direct mail or your website. This Pottery Barn catalog is a good example.

Customers Can Use Their Preferred Medium

With cross-channel ads, your brand will become visible in different channels or platforms.  Your customers will have the chance to choose how they want to interact with your company. Whether they opt for email, mobile, website, and others, you’ll have greater chances of closing sales and increasing conversion rates.

One excellent example for this is cross-channelling television and social media ads. More and more brands are now incorporating hashtags in their TV ads to further promote their product or service on Twitter or other social media networks, like this ad from Audi.

Have More Touch Points or Indicators

Cross-channel ads allow you to collect more data and use more relevant key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign. These will help you determine which ads are performing well and which ones are not and therefore take necessary steps to improve your campaigns. This way, it will be easier for you to measure your success and better your business.

Improve Brand Awareness and Consistency

Having your brand in multiple channels means you can attract more customers and your brand can be consistent in any medium. This also means, though, that your business’ reputation is across all areas, so it’s important that you manage your channels well.

As a startup or small business, you can take inspiration from larger, more successful brands. Here’s Adidas staying consistent in different channels.

Cross-channel ads have numerous advantages and therefore can be great for your business. Regardless of the nature and size of your business and depending on your goals, you can choose which channels are best to use to market and grow your brand. Manage your ads well and reap the benefits of adopting the cross-channel strategy!

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