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Online advertising is constantly evolving. Gone are the days when ads come in the form of banners that pop up every time you browse a website. What’s “in” and interesting nowadays are those native ads that sync seamlessly with the content of the website that they almost don’t look like advertisements. These ads are shown as articles, videos, paid reviews, or infographics related to the site consumers are visiting. They are sponsored and function as pay-per-click ads. Not only are they informative, they are also made to be attractive and non-intrusive, which is what readers/viewers prefer.

Considering the said qualities, native ads are therefore a great content marketing tool for business owners like you. You can take advantage of the power of these ads to increase traffic, audience engagement, and customers’ trust with the help of native ads sites or networks. To learn more about them, including how they can monetize your website or app and boost your business, here’s our list of the best sites for native ads!


Outbrain has been connecting and serving publishers and advertisers since 2006 and remains one of the best ad networks to date. It employs an intelligent filtering system to make sure it distributes high quality ads and provides excellent user experience. This network has teamed with top niches, publishers, and big media sites such as Fortune, CNN, and ESPN to help many brands reach a wider audience. Your business can also achieve this if you let Outbrain distribute your content online.

Here are examples of Outbrain-recommended ads.

2. Taboola

Taboola is also one of the largest sites in the native advertising industry with big publishers such as USA Today, Fox Sports, and Business Insider included in its network. It helps advertisers drive traffic and publishers monetize their web content effectively. This ad network features a so-called “streamlined economy” that allows people to see the information they want to see through a scrollable and personalized user interface.

Watch how a typical Taboola feed looks like through this video.

3. Revcontent

With over 250 billion native ad recommendations a month, Revcontent is considered the fastest-growing network today. Regardless of your niche, this network can be perfect for your business as it has no signup fee, boasts solid features including a highly-responsive widget, offers powerful targeting abilities, and more. Forbes, Reuters, Paypal, and AirBnB are some of the big names in Revcontent’s roster of publishers.

The photo below shows a Revcontent roll on Forbes.

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This ad site/network has been operating successfully since 2008. It is hugely popular and is trusted by many brand managers, online retailers, publishers, and affiliates. Through MGID’s widgets and targeting options, your ads have the opportunity to be visible on over 3,000 lifestyle and entertainment websites no matter the device or platform. Signing up with this network is also free. You won’t have issues partnering with this site as it has clear guidelines and disclosure.

Regardless of your business goals, MGID has the solution for you to achieve them. These examples prove that MGID-operated native ads work!

5. Gravity

The world’s top brands use Gravity to boost awareness and drive traffic and monetize their websites. Supported by AOL, this ad network sorts out and provides relevant and engaging content, making it one of the leading content recommendation networks. It features some of the best publishers in the market, including The Huffington Post and

If you want to deliver the right content to your target audience, then Gravity is the perfect ad network for you. You need to have at least 1 million page views, though, to join the network.


It may not have an audience reach as wide as the larger and older ad networks like Outbrain, but is a popular choice too among advertisers and publishers, including Reader’s Digest, 123 Greetings, and Photobucket. Presently, it serves 25 billion ads each month. After signing up, wait for your site to be reviewed and approved first and then you can display sponsored content.

A lot of brands, advertisers, and publishers are successfully utilizing native ads to expand their audience reach, boost revenue, and more. It is a platform that is becoming a vital marketing tool and trend globally. Tap the best sites/networks we introduced here and see how native ads can also work wonders for your business.

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