Infographic: Using Youtube and Google Ads for Business

Happy Infographic Friday, everyone! Our blog series on social media ads this week highlighted the advertising platforms of Youtube – the world’s largest video-sharing site and Google – the most popular search engine in the world!

First, we discussed The Benefits of Using Youtube Ads for Your Business. The site features four ad types or formats that vary in length and are either skippable or non-skippable. You can choose which one’s best for your business depending on your current goal – whether it’s to promote a new product, boost brand awareness, and others.

We also learned some tips on how to Use Google AdWords Without Spending A Lot. Geotargeting, dayparting, and selecting the best keywords are few of the important strategies that you can implement to run a successful, cost-effective ad campaign on Google.

To summarize what we talked about, check out the infographic below. So go and take advantage of the power of Youtube and Google ads to boost your business!

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