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Need to search something online? Use Google and chances are you’ll get pages of answers or results for your query. People love Google for that. And that’s why it is the world’s most visited and most popular search engine today! But for business owners like you, Google’s advertising platform, Google AdWords, is another reason to love the search engine. This channel makes it easier for you to get up and running with advertising and promote your business!

Using Google AdWords isn’t free, though. You can sign up for as little as $5, but you will be charged on a pay per click (PPC) basis. So having a targeted campaign is vital especially if you don’t have a big budget for advertising. Aside from that, here are other valuable tips for using Google ads for your business without spending a lot of money.

Advertise on Google Search First

If you have a small advertising budget, it’s best if you start with Google Search first. This will make your ad campaigns more successful and cost-effective. Should you wish to generate more leads for your business, you can try advertising on Google Search Partner and Google Display Network after some time.

Here’s an example of ads on Google Search.

Select the Best Keywords

Keyword selection for ad campaigns on a small budget is essential. Target your branded keywords or the keywords that include your company name, the products and/or services that you offer, and your location. These keywords bring high conversion rates and have low cost per click. You can also select long tail keywords or more specific keyword phrases instead of generic head terms. If for example you want an ad for your coffee shop business, you can use “coffee shop in Sydney,” instead of the generic keyword, “coffee shop.”

Using long tail keywords will do wonders for your business’ ad campaigns. Take a look at this example.

Use Geotargeting

One of the good things about Google ads is its geotargeting feature. With this, you have the option to show your PPC ad campaigns only to users near your business location. But you can always explore and widen your reach by targeting users outside of your city. A good strategy is to offer special discounts or deals to these customers as an incentive for going out of their way to avail of your product and/or service.

This ad will attract people looking for a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, particularly on Rodeo Drive.

Target Devices Separately

Nowadays, consumers use different types of devices – desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet – for searching and buying. And it will be a wise move on your part as a business owner to split up desktop/laptop and tablet targeting from mobile phone targeting. With a mobile phone, users can make a call and buy instantly. However, it has a smaller screen compared to a computer or a tablet and can initially display around 5 ads only (with 2 ads on top and 3 at the bottom). This is why it’s important that your ad gets in the top 2 spots so users can easily and instantly see your ad.

Here’s an example of a mobile ad on Google.

Implement Dayparting

Google also allows you to schedule your ads to better manage your budget. With ad scheduling, also known as Dayparting, you can choose to show your ads only at specific times or days. You may want to turn it off during weekends or non-business hours. You can also set it to display during peak hours or at specific time periods when you think your business is more profitable. For slow hours or days, on the other hand, you can perhaps provide special offers to customers to get more sales and profits.

The image below shows what a typical ad schedule looks like.

Advertising is vital to any business, yet it can be costly. But then thanks to platforms like Google Adwords, there are ways for you to advertise your business without spending a lot of money. Simply follow the tips we mentioned above and you can run an effective ad campaign via the world’s most popular search engine successfully. With Google ads, your business will have a brighter and bigger future!

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