Infographics Fridays: The Basics of Blogging

Welcome to the first Infographics Fridays of February!

This week, our series was all about the basics of blogging. First, we shared tips on how you can write blogs consistently. Next, we explored some quick ways you can create fresh content for your block. Today, we’re capping the series with a brand new infographic! Check it out!

What are your thoughts on our latest infographic? Tell us about them in the comments! If you need someone to write content for your blog, sign up for our free five-hour trial! Our copywriters can take care of that for you!

Check out the other parts of our Blogging Basics series:

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  1. Jan Cezar Labio

    Nice Read! It’s an advantage reading the article as it helps me and the other peoeple especially in the millenial generation to generate their creativity and play with words. I had also took time to study the tips and get to know more about it’s purpose for today’s digital world. Its also fun to get engage with the basic of blogging as we could interact with the other through the new media. Starts with the basic and now we can use it for advertising!



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