How to Soft Sell Using Content Marketing

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Most consumers nowadays are hugely influenced by advertisements. This is why businesses strive to develop the best marketing plan to advertise or promote their brand. It’s important to take note, though, that over or explicit promotion of your business could turn customers off. Therefore, soft selling is key, and you can do that through content marketing.

This form of marketing strategy continues to gain popularity and become increasingly important for businesses as content will always be king. To increase brand awareness and ultimately, your sales and profits, you need to ensure that your content sparks interests and informs. You can do that without hard selling your brand. Here are different ways you can soft sell your products and services using content marketing:

Give Away Free Content on Your Website

Your website is most likely the first thing consumers will visit to learn more about your business and verify your credibility. Aside from making it attractive, intuitive, and secure, make sure that it has complete components and pages that provide valuable information to your visitors. You can subtly sell your brand by offering free content on your website. This could be through articles and infographics in the blog section of your site. It could also be in the form of ebooks or white papers when visitors give their email address using the sign-up box in your home or landing page.

Ask for User-Generated Content

Customer engagement is a big deal for businesses, and content marketing can help you achieve that. One way to do this is by integrating content into social media. You can ask for user-generated content that’s related to your product or service. Post the submissions to your social media page, reply to comments, and monitor the reactions. Your virtual assistant can help track the performance of your posts and give reports. This strategy not only helps you build relationships, engage with, and offer value to your customers. It also helps you promote your business in a casual and non-aggressive way.

Interview or Survey Experts

It’s also a good idea to connect with and survey executives and interview industry experts or influencers. You can turn the interview and survey results into insightful content, such as blog posts, webinars, and infographics. This content marketing strategy helps you engage with your target market and establish that you’re an expert in your field without overtly promoting your brand.

Guest Post on Other Sites or Blogs

Guest posting or blogging is another subtle yet great way to market your business. Develop a high-quality article about a topic that’s related to your product or service then submit it to another website or blog as a guest post. There are those that have more lenient guidelines when it comes to soft selling a business. Look for sites or blogs that allow you to link back to your website or put a byline with the name of your business.

Create The Winning Product Launch Strategy

Creating a buzz by launching your business and its products or services is an excellent way to gain traction, but it should be done right. You can launch with a bang through your website, of course, as well as through social media, paid ads, or email campaigns. What’s important is to make sure that the content about your launch showcases what you have in store for your target market. The goal is not just to hard sell but also to provide value and connect with potential customers. If you are a part of the alternative ingredient products industry you may contact Kyck Starts for more information on how they can help you launch your product. Working with professional product launch strategists can help you create comprehensive and effective campaigns that will increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads.

Send Out Holiday Emails or Newsletters

Use the combined powers of content and email marketing and take advantage of special events or holidays to soft sell your brand! Craft personalized, informative, and entertaining messages or newsletters and send them to your subscribers ahead of or during holidays or special occasions. You can take inspiration from brands like CopyBlogger, Ann Handley, and MarketingProfs in developing your own content marketing newsletter.

With content marketing, you can attract and retain customers and boost your sales without explicitly promoting your business! Make the most of your content and spread it across all media platforms to achieve the best results.

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