5 Sales Mistakes B2Bs Should Avoid

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Sales is a tough job, yet it can be very rewarding if you do it right. In the highly competitive business-to-business (B2B) industry, it’s not enough that you know and implement the strategies that would work for your business. It’s also vital to take note of the sales pitfalls that you might encounter. Being aware helps you avoid costly mistakes, and thus, drive business growth faster.

Closing more deals is the top sales priorities of most companies. If you’re looking to achieve this goal and to gain an edge over your competition, then it’s time to overhaul your B2B sales strategies. Avoid these five B2B sales mistakes to minimize your losses and gain more leads and sales.

1. Avoiding Face-to-Face Conversations

It’s a big mistake to avoid face-to-face conversations and meetings with prospective and existing clients. Although you can easily communicate with them via different online tools, such as Skype and Viber, it’s still best if you can meet with them in person. Go to that lunch meeting, drop by their office, or buy a plane ticket to check out their operations overseas if needed. It’s a great way to build an honest, trustworthy, and professional relationship with clients. It’s plus points for you as the owner and could result in a positive ROI for your business.

2. Focusing Too Much on Service or Product Features

Your prospects naturally want to know the features of your products or service, and it’s good if you can clearly explain them. However, be careful not to oversell your brand or they might lose interest. Instead, highlight how they can benefit from purchasing your product or service. For example, if managing email or social media is one of your prospect’s key challenges, show them that as a business solutions firm, your virtual administrative or marketing assistance service can help them solve this problem.

3. Leveraging Only One Platform

In today’s innovative and technologically-driven world, it’s a mistake to utilize only one platform to promote your brand. Take advantage of all the online and even offline/traditional tools and methods that are available at your disposal. According to a Salesforce research, a phone call followed by an email is the most effective sales process. Aside from making calls and sending emails, don’t forget to use social media also to increase your sales success rate.

4. Giving Single-Option Proposals

If you don’t want to lose a deal with clients, then refrain from offering them proposals with only one option. This could make them feel trapped and even scare them off. The best thing to do is give them the most affordable, a slightly pricey, and the premium options. Guarantee them that they’ll benefit from all three, while ensuring that they’ll get the most value from the highest end option.

5. Offering Deals and Discounts Too Soon

Of course it’s great if you can close more deals in the least amount of time. However, it’s not a good idea for you to rush into offering deals and discounts. This decision will most likely attract the wrong prospects and ruin your B2B sales plan. Why not focus on showcasing the value of your product or service instead of on the urge to lower your prices. Price won’t be the biggest issue for your ideal clients. They will consider your brand’s value more and go for the premium solution that you can offer.

Mistakes are part of your business’ journey to success. But there are ways for you to avoid them and get back on track. Take note of the tips we mentioned so you can optimize and get the most from your B2B sales plan.

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