Infographic: Using Instagram and LinkedIn Ads for Business

It’s Infographic Friday once again! This week, we continued our social media ads series with a blog about Using Instagram and LinkedIn Ads for Business.

Instagram has proven that it’s not only an amazing site for photo-sharing, but also for promoting your business. With its advertising tool, which features various budgeting options and formats, you can target your niche audience, increase your customers, and boost conversions. You can also take advantage of the advertising platform of social and professional networking site, Linkedin, to boost your brand’s credibility. To make LinkedIn ads work for you, plan a strategy, create an engaging ad, and set a budget that’s best for your business.

Instagram and LinkedIn ads are beneficial for your business, regardless of the size or industry you belong in. Try these advertising tools and see how they can help your business grow and succeed! Here’s an infographic summarizing our blogs this week.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Gmail

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