Infographic: What is the Perfect Blog Length?

Happy Infographic Friday, everyone! We know that blogging is an excellent marketing tool that businesses now use to achieve some of their goals. But is there really a perfect length that makes a blog post effective and successful?

In this week’s blog, we discussed three lengths of blog posts that can help you achieve different online marketing goals. Short blogs posts, which are 300 words or less, can help start and increase audience engagement. Medium length blog posts are around 700 to 1,500 words and can generate more social media shares. Finally, long blog posts are usually over 1,500 words to around 3,000 words and can help you get top search engine rankings.

Blog length matters, but remember to consider the other important factors when blogging, including the substance and your audience. It’s best to vary the length of your blog posts, too, to better promote and grow your business!

To summarize our blog this week, check out this infographic.

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