How to Write a Compelling Email Subject Line

Pepper Virtual Assistants Philippines How to Write Compelling Email Subject Lines
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You know how people say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? The same goes for email subject lines. But no matter what they say, people still do judge emails by these one-liners. In fact, about 33% of users decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone!

So while it may look like a small part of an email, your subject line is actually the first impression you will give to your recipients. That’s why it is vital to write subject lines that are attention-grabbing enough for them to click through. Here are some best practices for writing email subject lines!


Keep it short (and) simple that is! With about 40% of emails being opened on mobile, it is recommended to keep subject lines short. This makes it easier for recipients to scan your email while going through their inbox. Scrap insignificant words and stick to the necessary details!

Get personal

Nobody likes talking to a robot. Think about it. Would you open an email from an address that reads “[email protected]”? It’s a turn-off. A generic no-reply email is not only less human but also stops people from adding your email to their address books. Instead of using a generic email, send them from a real person with a personalized brand email.

Tell recipients what’s inside

A subject line is like a book synopsis—it gives readers a peek of what to expect. Write subject lines that are not only honest but also concise about its content. Don’t try to get them to open your emails with false promises. This will not only irk them but they’ll also learn not to trust your subject lines next time. Instead, be honest and tell them in under 50 characters what’s waiting for them inside!

Create a sense of urgency

Did you know that email subject lines that create a sense of urgency can give a 22% higher open rate? Using deadlines will encourage your recipients to act now if they want to avail of your offer instead of putting it off for later. Why does this work? Because if they postpone it, there’s a higher chance of them forgetting about it!

Use simple words

Most people scan their inboxes fairly quickly. Thus, the clearer and more concise your subject line is, the better. It’s time to ditch the flowery and complex words. Use simple keywords that will interest your readers. Think about how your email can be beneficial for them and relay it clearly in your subject line!

The subject line is the start of the reader’s experience with your email. Writing a compelling copy is no small feat. The best email subject lines are intriguing, interesting, and informative without giving the whole email away. So next time you’re writing a subject line, remember to put some serious thought into it!

What are your favorite email subject lines? Share them with us in the comments! Do you need someone to write content for your email campaign? Our copywriters can write them for you! Sign up for our free five-hour trial to get started!

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