Best YouTube Marketing Campaigns of 2019

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Having 1.9 billion users around the world, YouTube is considered as one of the most influential marketing platforms. It’s popularity helps brands reach out to their target market. Making it one of the best choices for creating and managing advertising campaigns.

Let’s look at some of the best marketing campaigns on YouTube in 2019.


The multinational company’s “The Future” campaign provided a preview of fascinating new technology we will hopefully enjoy one day. Samsung released a video on YouTube in support of the campaign. The video shows the continuous evolution of Samsung Galaxy’s features. The campaign was launched to mark the 10th anniversary of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


A cat-inspired digital assistant named MIA has been created by Whiskas. ‘Feline curiosity’ is the brand’s focus for this campaign. The video posted on YouTube shows MIA asking questions about the planet to kids instead of answering them. This campaign aims to ignite children’s curiosity. MIA also shows the connections that humans and cats can make.


The number one shoe brand released a campaign titled “Dream Crazier” in 2019. This campaign puts the spotlight on the obstacles that female athletes face and the achievements they enjoy. Nike posted a video in support of the campaign. The ad was narrated by Serena Williams and was aired during the Oscars.

Marketing on YouTube gives brands the chance to present their campaigns in front of the platform’s 1.8 billion users. Many businesses take this opportunity to create personalized and straightforward content. Advertising on Youtube gives your brand more exposure, which can bring in more followers and loyal customers.

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