Infographic: Blended Workforce

Happy infographic Friday! To continue with our employee management blog series, we focused on blended workforce this week. This non-traditional staffing practice is about mixing full-time, in-house employees and part-time, contingent or gig workers in the workforce.

In our blog, Why Should Companies Consider Having a Blended Workforce, we discussed that a blended workforce enables your company to have scalable operations, capitalize on specialized skillsets, and others. Considering these benefits, we gave you some tips on How to Make a Blended Workforce Work for Your Company. We learned that effective communication and a good accountability system are essential for a blended workforce to do wonders for your business.

Today’s marketplace is full of great talents. With a blended workforce, you can have excellent permanent in-house employees and brilliant temporary remote staff working together to help you grow your company.

Check out our infographic summarizing our blogs this week:

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Our virtual assistants can be part of your blended workforce. Contact us to find out how we can work together!

Pepper Virtual Assistants is a business solutions firm that specializes in virtual administrative and personal assistance, online marketing, customer support, and copywriting. We are known for reliability through our managed services, responsive client handling backed by extensive training, and rockstar virtual assistants hired for their skills and expertise.





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