Infographic: Gig Economy

It’s Friday and what better way to end the workweek than with an infographic summarizing our two latest blogs. This week, we introduced the gig economy. What is gig economy and how can businesses like yours take advantage of this workforce environment and employment system?

The gig economy is undeniably expanding and rising in popularity. It is more than just a trend as more businesses and professionals from all over the world recognize and embrace it. Would you consider hiring independent workers to do special or short-term projects for your business?

In our blogs, we highlighted that reduced overhead costs and flexible work options are two of the top benefits you can get from the gig economy. There may be challenges, though, including honesty and trust issues. On the part of gig workers, one of the downsides is the ineligibility to receive insurance and other benefits.

The gig economy is definitely changing the global workforce. Gig workers are now needed for different types of jobs – from health and education to creative, marketing, and transport services, and others. With the help of digitization, you and your gig workers can communicate and work together more effectively. As the gig economy grows, you can also grow your business!

Here’s the infographic summarizing our gig economy blogs:

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