Main Qualities Every Virtual Assistant Needs to Have

A virtual assistant is a valuable asset for many businesses in different industries. Most people assume that a virtual assistant (VA) schedules appointments or answer phone calls the whole day. However, it is more than that. A quality VA assists with everything from...

5 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Tools for Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the core of website administration because you can’t just publish content and hope for visitors to bump into it by accident. There are almost 1.8 billion websites on the Internet today, but only a speck successfully generates...

Promoting Company Culture for Remote Teams

Positive company culture is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are some ways you can promote it in a remote work setup.

How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant isn’t something business leaders do in a snap. You have to know when the right time is and if you’re ready to hire one. Here are some factors for you to ponder on before welcoming a VA in your team.

5 Ways Business Can Use SEO & Marketing to Combat Coronavirus Impact

The first quarter of 2020 saw the outbreak and spread of Coronavirus and COVID-19 that left businesses reeling from unprecedented disruption due to containment measures put in place.  Employees and the general populace were asked to stay at home to help contain the...

Finding Inspiration

No matter how much you love writing, or doing any type of creative work for that matter, it doesn't always come easy. It's inevitable - there will be times when your creative juices simply don't flow. What do you do then? We have a few ideas. Just beat it Sometimes...

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Beating Writer’s Block

Writer's block sucks. Whether you're crafting a blog post, typing up an essay for school, preparing a report for work, drafting an email, or writing anything else, writer's block sucks. Yes, it sucks so much it bears repeating. Writing about how much writer's block...

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Typhoon Sendong: Deadliest Typhoon To Date

During the early hours of December 17, 2011, tropical storm “Sendong” (international nameWashi) struck Cagayan de Oro City, as well as neighboring cities in the southern Philippines, catching most of its sleeping inhabitants completely off guard. What would have been a merry Christmas for most families turned into heartbreak and longing for dead or missing loved ones.

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